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There are 100 United States Senators. Fifty three of them are of the Republican stripe. For the past two and a half years, these 53 GOP Senators have enabled, supported and bent over backwards (perhaps even forwards) for a president who is not only unworthy of the office but oftentimes unworthy of oxygen. He is, in short, an evil monster or as the British refer to him, a Mangled Apricot Hellbeast. Unable to contain my rage, I decided to write each of these Senators a letter, a Molotov Missive, if you will. This book is a compilation of all those letters and should be handled with industrial-grade, asbestos-lined oven mitts.

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I have spent 35 years in the ad business and have met all kinds of losers: sleaze bags, backstabbers, front stabbers, fools, clowns and swaggering jackanapes. None of whom can hold a candle to the folks who go by the name, US Senator. They are worthy of my unrestrained anger and volcanic eruptions. By the time you turn the last page, you will discover they are worthy of yours as well.


Word from the Hill


"Didn't read it. My kitty cat might have. It lined her litter box for a week."

-- Senator Lindsey Graham

"There was no cash in the envelope. Hello!!!"

 -- Senator David Perdue


"Vitriolic and angry. Of course if I had a face like Siegel I'd be angry too."

-- Senator John Cornyn


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